Got the next big idea? You could win $1000!

6 Mar

Creative Tampa Bay and Creative Loafing are hosting their second 10-100-1000 challenge Р10 great ideas, one $1000 winner and 100 ways you can help. The contest is looking for 10 ideas to make Tampa Bay a better place, with $1000 awarded to the best idea.

Why submit an idea?
Why not? Everyone who submits an idea will receive publicity, with their idea promoted on Creative Loafing’s web site, asking people to vote for their favorite (one spot in the top 10 will be reserved for the idea selected by voters). Promising ideas will also be featured in print and electronically. The top 10 and grand prize winner will be announced in Creative Loafing’s April 19 issue, following an awards party on April 18.

What are they looking for?
Ideas will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Creativity : The level of imagination and innovation in your proposal.
Resources : What you will draw upon to make your idea reality (your support system, your ability to solve problems and make things happen, especially on a limited budget).
Experience : The knowledge and background you’ll bring to your project.
Ambition : The potential impact of your project and its potential for rejuvenating the community.
Tampa Bay : The relevance of your project to the specific needs of our region.
Ease : The feasibility of your project.

They’re also hosting bright idea workshops, where you can learn how to get your idea off the ground.

Last year’s winner was Swings Tampa Bay – two guys from St. Petersburg who are hanging swings in various places around Tampa Bay to create spontaneous community building. Since winning the contest, the organization has grown, with 114 swings hung so far, and they’re gaining momentum every day. Check out a recent feature about them in the Tampa Bay Times.

Others in the top 10 from last year include Hoola for Happiness, a group of people who travel the world spreading joy through hooping while raising awareness of global poverty, the Green Can, a unique approach to recycling, and Tampa Changing (one of my personal favorites), a project that preserves local history through re-photography.

So, what’s stopping you? Click here for more information, and to submit your idea!
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