The Green Can takes it to the fair, for Faces of Courage

7 Feb

The Green Can, Pitch party winner of Creative Tampa Bay’s 2011 10/100/1000 contest, will be debuting their innovate recycling cans at the Florida State Fair which opens Feb. 9.

The Green Can is a recycling initiative to provide an easy and convenient way for people to recycle aluminum cans. The idea behind the project is that, when given a readily available choice to recycle, people will do the right thing.

The 250 gallon  containers at the State Fair will be shaped like a giant soda can, and interactive. When a can is placed in them, the containers will make a slide whistle sound. They will also have electro luminescent (EL) wire embedded in them that lights up like a glow stick. The group will be doing the aluminum recycling for all beers sold at the fair, as well as Diet Mountain Dew cans with coupons used by people to get into the fair on can days.

The Green Can hopes to expand on this at all local large events (including all events held at the Amphitheater and the Fairgrounds), and then move to beyond the Tampa Bay area. They are also starting to place permanent containers at apartment complexes, condo complexes and other free standing businesses with high public traffic that currently do little to no recycling. And best of all – the program is free to interested businesses!
Cans are sponsored by local businesses, and all proceeds go to Faces of Courage, a local charity that benefits women and children with cancer. If your business is interested in sponsoring a can or placing cans at your location, contact the Green Can.
Click here for a video describing the project.

by: Megan Hendricks, Buzz editor
source: Dennis Gallagher, The Green Can
Also published in Creative Tampa Bay’s Buzz, 2.8.12

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