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19 Oct

CreativeShare Compass features links to thought-provoking and intriguing articles, videos, interviews, and book reviews. The blog also includes musings and practical suggestions about various creative opportunities afforded by the new digital media and rapid societal change.

The latest blog entry, titled “Why Believe in Others,” shares the story of Victor Frankl — Holocaust survivor, psychiatrist, and author of the international bestseller “Man’s Search for Meaning.”

Bob Barancik, the blog’s founder, has been contributing articles to CTB’s BUZZ since its inception. He sees CreativeShare Compass as focusing on the whole creative life in the context of a convulsive global change. “Ultimately, I see the creative economy as a means to finding creative flow and meaning in our solo journey on an increasingly crowded and confused planet,” says Bob. “I hope that my blog will provide you with ideas that you might not stumble across in your daily routine.”

For more information, visit: http://compass.creativeshare.com

by: Megan Hendricks, CTB Buzz editor
source: Bob Barancik
Also published in Creative Tampa Bay’s Buzz, Oct. 19, 2011

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