Columbus needs a new home

31 May

If you’re interested in adopting this dog, please contact Hillsborough County Animal Services:

“Hi! My name is Columbus, I’m about 12 years old and my life changed drastically on November 28, 2007. That was the day an investigator from Hillsborough County Animal Services rescued me.


For as long as I can remember, I have had skin problems. Several years ago, my old owner stopped giving me the medical care I needed. My skin was so itchy that I would constantly bite myself trying to get the itch and would make my skin bleed really bad. He wouldn’t even let me come inside the house. I had to stay in the dirt covered backyard. Occasionally, I would try to go in to the junk-filled garage to get away from the hot Florida sun. Unfortunately, since I didn’t have much hair, when we would have cold weather it wasn’t really any better.


Animal Services ended up sending me to a skin specialist and GUESS WHAT???!!!!  


It turns out that I’m allergic to grass and pollen, just like almost every other Floridian!


I’m doing a lot better now. I get to stay indoors. I have my own blanket and my own bed! I get to go on short walks too (off the grass of course J). A lot of my hair is growing back and I’ve gained about 15 pounds. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. The investigator that rescued me stops by often to visit too. I like to sing her a song when I see her. I even have a fluffy tail to wag at her now.


As much as I love the people I’m staying with I know I can’t stay here forever. (Plus my neighbors can get really loud sometimes) I would love to have a forever home with someone that would let me stay inside and wouldn’t mind me singing them the occasional song. I have a few medicines that I take daily to help my skin and get a medicated bath weekly. I don’t even mind the baths.


If you think you might be interested, please let someone at Hillsborough County Animal Services know. I would love to meet you!”

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