Our Trip to Niagara Falls

13 Aug
Last week, David and I visited Niagara Falls. This was our first “real” vacation together as a couple (not counting dance competitions and conferences for my job). It was truly amazing, and I’m really glad we went. We left on...
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Big Cat Rescue

21 Jun
Today, I went on a tour of Big Cat Rescue, a sanctuary for abused or abandoned exotic cats in Tampa, FL. I’ve been there before, but each time you go you have a different experience. They have 132 cats that...
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I’m addicted to stumble upon

11 Jun
I found this web site called StumbleUpon: www.stumbleupon.com You register with the site and select your interests. Then, it puts a button on the top of your browser. When you click on the button, different web sites come up, according...
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Columbus needs a new home

31 May
If you’re interested in adopting this dog, please contact Hillsborough County Animal Services: http://www.hillsboroughcounty.org/animalservices/ “Hi! My name is Columbus, I’m about 12 years old and my life changed drastically on November 28, 2007. That was the day an investigator from...
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I discovered seasonal honey

24 May
I’m not usually a fan of honey. I use it in my coffee or tea sometimes, just because it’s better for you than sugar and has antioxidants. But, I didn’t love the taste of it. That was until I discovered...
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Toxic ingredients in nail polish

20 May
One of my nail polish bottles says “DBP free” on it, which made me wonder what “DBP” is. I googled it and learned it’s an ingredient found in some nail polishes sold in the U.S. (they banned it in Europe),...
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