Is Pinterest the new job search tool?

27 Apr

If you’re using social media at all, you can’t avoid hearing about Pinterest. The “up and coming” of the social media world, it seems to be attracting attention as a visual bookmarking tool. Users scroll through profiles for pictures others have “pinned” to their virtual bulletin board. You can then pin someone else’s picture to your own board as a way of bookmarking it for sharing and revisiting. You can also pin something you find on the web by using the bookmark tool.

I can certainly see the benefits of this tool from a networking and sharing point of view, not to mention the general attractiveness from a visual standpoint. But, is it useful for your job search? I think there are a few things that make it beneficial:

  1. Follow companies that have a presence. You can learn more about them by the things they pin, as well as re-pin some of their items to show your interest. A few to check out: Whole Foods, Sony, Southwest Airlines.
  2. Create a resume. Include visual representations of your past experience, keywords and images that illustrate your skills. A word to the wise: remember Pinterest is all about the visual. If you’re going to use it to market yourself for a job, make sure whatever you post is visually appealing. A static, purely black and white resume will do more harm than good in your overall professional image. Click here for some samples.
  3. Follow career experts, such as college career centers. The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill has a nice page, with recommended career books, suggested interview attire and career advice.

In short, I think it’s gaining traction as a useful tool, but the larger, more utilized tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are still the best uses of your time.
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